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Welcome to the Team, Leighan! {Associate Photographer, Karen Stone Photography, Knoxville, TN}

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I’ve had to keep a secret for a while now, but I’m sooooo excited to finally share that Karen Stone Photography is expanding!  Leighan Romanesk is joining us as an associate photographer, who will take on petite sessions for families and children’s milestones!  She graduated with a degree in photography, and also worked for a local portrait studio most recently.  With all of her experience, I am thrilled to have her on the team!  Here’s a little bit of an introduction from my sweet new associate:


I’m Leighan. Wife of Jeffrey. Mom of Liam and August. Believer in the magic of a good cup of coffee.

We are far from one of those sugar sweet families that are polite and always make a good impression. (I love those families!) We lean more towards the spicy side on most days. My husband is a South Georgia country boy who prayed for a girl just like me to come along (Lord knows why!).  I am a northern girl who always wanted to be a wife and a mom. And now that I am, I realized it’s the hardest yet most rewarding job in the world. I enjoy mindless TV way more than I should. My boys know more about iPad technology and fast food restaurants than I am comfortable with. But we love Jesus and try to live a life worthy of His redemption. 

So, you know that feeling you have when you finally get that baby to sleep after a day of crying (from both the baby and you), or when that toddler finally uses the potty all by themselves without your help, or when you pull the sticker off a newly purchased item and it comes off smooth and easy in one clean piece, or when your husband says “lets order pizza tonight”, or when you randomly spot something cute in the sale section at target and it just so happens to fit you perfectly? That’s how I feel when I get an awesome picture with a genuine smile out of your “cheese” conditioned toddler or when I get a picture of your family that doesn’t look like everyone was being bribed with candy to sit still for two minutes. That feeling you get when you see a picture you love, of the people you love is the same feeling I get out of creating that image for you.

I have loved photography since I was a young girl and I always had an eye for the details of life around me, but I didn’t become a great photographer until I became a mom.  Being a mom made me so much better, because it came with the understanding of how important every season and every phase is. Because even though we secretly all want to look as good (if not better) than our friends on Facebook and instagram, we also really love this person we married and the tiny humans we made with them. And we want to remember this time that we had with them. When Jackson still belly laughed at fart noises, Ella Kate had that big gap in her smile where she lost her first tooth, and when your husband was totally owning that questionable facial hair choice. And we want to be able to look back at some of the hardest days and remember them as the “good old days”, because they truly are. And for every long day that turns into a hard night we want to have a picture of them smiling and laughing, and of mom and dad scooping them up, and of our families having fun, and cuddling, and living. Not just to show everyone on social media that “my kids are cute too!” but so that years from now when everyone is grown and has families of their own, Momma has pictures that she can hold dear and maybe cry a little over.

I realize this work doesn’t save lives or make any major difference in the world. But I believe God made me good at it for a reason. And that reason is to help families focus on the good, to remember the joy, to celebrate the little things, and to embrace the sweet moments they share that make them family.


Isn’t she a breath of fresh air??!  Please join me in welcoming Leighan Romanesk!  Be on the lookout for her work to be featured on the website and all our social media platforms!  🙂

Leighan, I am so so excited to be working with you!

leighan romanesk, associate photographer

If you would like to book a session with Leighan, please fill out the form below!

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