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Should I bring my kids to my maternity session?

Kids really are something special! I am absolutely in LOVE with my two, and though I envisioned myself having more, I am so thrilled to have the two precious babies I do have! Going from one child to two running around sure did add a lot of chaos to the mix, though (sweet chaos, I might add)! And even though I only have two, it makes me think of the quote from the comedian Jim Gaffigan, “You know what it’s like having a fourth kid? Imagine you’re drowning, then someone hands you a baby.” ? It takes a lot of love, patience, selflessness, and a gigantic heart to add to your brood. So, cheers to you amazing parents out there! You’ve got this!

*Seriously, though…these people are so so cute. LOOK at that little boy!! ?

Why you should include your kids in your maternity photos!

We’ve already talked about why you should hire a maternity/newborn photographer, and when you should hire your photographer. Now to answer this question: Should you include your kids in your maternity session? I want to say it’s really up to you. However, my personal opinion on the matter is ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY! If you have other children, I think it is important to include them in the maternity session! Here’s why:

  • Kids need to feel valued!
  • This is a big time in their life. It’s a HUGE transition for your older kiddos. Maternity sessions are a great way to show them that this is not just about baby, but about bringing baby into a family – a family that they are already a part of! That baby may be what makes your older child into a brother or sister! That’s a BIG deal, y’all!
  • A maternity session allows your older children to feel included in welcoming their future brother or sister! It gives them a sense of purpose and shows them how exciting it can be to be the “big” brother or sister!
  • Life is about to get crazy. And any chance to build togetherness will be absolutely invaluable!
  • Photographs and looking back on them help build the excitement of your growing family, and allows your older children to express themselves and how they feel about the new baby! Believe it or not, photos are an amazing jumping point for some really sweet conversations in the weeks to come!

This, y’all. This is what it’s all about! Showing these girls how much she loves them is exactly what this mama is doing by documenting this time in their lives!

Let’s customize your maternity shoot to get the most out of your session!

You may have a mental vision board for your maternity session (or an actual Pinterest board). And in those photos, you can’t quite wrap your mind around having your older children in the photos. Don’t worry about a thing. We can customize your session and think of how to incorporate your older kiddos! For instance, you’re in a really elegant and flowy maternity gown (you can borrow one from my client wardrobe if you’d like!). Your hubby is in a fancy-schmancy suit. The photos will for sure be GORGEOUS! But if you’re having a hard time picturing (or wardrobe styling) your kids in the photos with you, let’s brainstorm a little bit! Maybe we can customize your session to incorporate an outfit change. Having a more cozy or casual look can ease kids into the session! Or we can start off cozy and casual, or classy but comfortable!

Either way, I am here to help you and guide you in getting the absolute most out of your session! This is such a special time in your lives (and your older kids’ lives!). While pictures can of course be pretty, they are so much more. They help us remember. Not necessarily to remember an event, but to remember how you felt at that time in your lives. To show your kids how you valued your cute pregnant self. And to show your kids that you loved knowing and anticipating the arrival of the tiny human growing inside you!

Trust your photographer, and just enjoy your maternity session!

Don’t worry about making the shoot perfect (that’s my job!). I am an established Knoxville maternity and newborn photographer, and have photographed so many bumps over the years! I have trained under some amazing photographers just to make sure I’m getting flattering angles and lighting! Your job is to enjoy your session, enjoy your family as it is right now, and intentionally make sure this is a moment you can all share. It’s hard enough to get the family out the door on time. Let alone trying to even take a nice family photo together! So, I feel ya…any chance I get to have a photo with my whole family together is oh so cherished! I hope you feel the same way! (Even if one is still in that gorgeous belly of yours!) ?

If you’re ready to book your Knoxville maternity session, let’s chat! I love to shoot between 32 and 36 weeks for second or later pregnancies, or between 34 and 38 weeks for first pregnancies. Each pregnancy is different, and if you’ve had an especially difficult time, I would love to chat over the phone and talk through your concerns and what you need from me to make this a sweet and stress-free experience! Call or text anytime: 865.803.2925. Or, feel free to leave me a message below! ♥️

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