Knoxville newborn & birth photographer
Knoxville newborn & birth photographer
Knoxville newborn & birth photographer
Knoxville newborn & birth photographer
Knoxville newborn & birth photographer
Knoxville newborn & birth photographer

What Is Birth Photography?

Birth Photography is a very intimate and raw type of photography, meant to document those long hours during labor at the hospital, and the very first moments with your little one as they take their first breath!  

Leave it up to someone else to document this part of your journey, and remember every little detail - how your husband held your hand during a contraction, or how your mom rubbed your back and pulled her fingers through your hair...or how your baby looked so completely perfect the moment you saw her!  

What To Expect

To "book" your birth photographer, a deposit of $100 is required for your photographer to be on call during the few weeks surrounding your due date.  

Your photographer will limit the amount of other sessions booked two weeks prior to your due date, and two weeks after your due date, and will inform any other clients that a birth will take priority, so that the other client may choose a back-up date if necessary.

It is recommended, though not required, to meet with your photographer before the big day, so that you can connect and see if you are a good fit - after all, you will be trusting your photographer to be in the room as you give birth to your baby!

Your photographer will be in touch at several points along the way, checking to see how things are progressing, and if delivery is expected early, on time, or later than originally thought.  You may let your photographer know after each doctor's appointment (toward the end), how everything is going.  

When you believe you are going into labor, it is important to call your photographer as soon as possible, so that she may make arrangements for her family as well.  We will go over your pregnancy history, but generally, if it is a first time birth, you will need to call your photographer when you have dilated to 4 cm.

It is the mother and father's responsibility to make sure they have permission from both the doctor and the hospital to have a photographer present.  It is much more common now, but it is always best to check!  

When your photographer arrives, she will get started right away taking photos of some details you may want to remember, family members that are waiting, early contractions, and then will be close by when it is time to photograph labor and birth!  Your husband or support person can be fully present for you and not have to worry about getting photos of the birth!


Birth photography begins at $800 for approximately 75-125 digital images with print release.

Your photos will be ready within about a week, and you will be able to choose which ones (if any) you would like to share, and will also be able to download your images from a private online gallery.  You may choose to have an album added to your package also!

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