I am a fun-loving, excitable chatter box, and I love getting to know new people!  I am known for my laugh, and my husband always has an audience of at least one for his dad-jokes.  I have two left feet and I would forget EVERYTHING if it weren't for a calendar and post-it notes.  My love language is words of affirmation, hands-down.  I never made the cheer squad in high school, but I am a cheerleader and advocate for those around me.  

I am so excited to meet you and learn about what makes you and your family smile!


Associate Photographer

Wife of Jeffrey. Mom of Liam and August. Believer in the magic of a good cup of coffee.  From what I know of her, she is as genuine as it gets!  Also known for her laugh, she has a contagious spirit of happiness!  She says becoming a mom helped her to become a great photographer, because it comes with the understanding of how important every season and every phase is. 

God made her good at it for a reason - to help families focus on the good, to remember the joy, to celebrate the little things, and to embrace the sweet moments they share that make them family.

We're so excited to meet you and be your photographers! 
We'll have a really good time - promise!